ZooZoo2 — Eco Tees for Watery Sports


Funny how things all seem to coalesce once you start down a particular path. We had the post on Surfer Mag going recycled, where we mentioned the UK cousin The Surfer's Path had already gone this route. Then we stumble across this little British T-shirt company. who have been nominated for a 'Green Wave Award' by Surfer's Path, alongside big guns like Quiksilver, O'Neill and Patagonia. Their name is ZooZoo2 and they make a collection of organic cotton T's, targeting sports that are fond of water. The likes of surfing, scuba diving, skiing and snowboarding. Not only do they have some hip designs, but they devote a multitude of pixels to some cool eco education too. Such as the page on marine pollution that has a scary litany of stats, like how 3 times as much rubbish is dumped in the world's oceans as the weight of fish caught. Plus a note on the ghost nets we mentioned yesterday. As they put it, "ZooZoo2 may be small but so is the world. ..... As individuals it is time we made a stand. It's cool to care." That sounds like something Treehugger might've said. And then there's this, "Change what you buy and how you buy it and you can change the world." Damn, they're on to us. ::ZooZoo2.