Zoica Matei Creates Trans-Seasonal Fashion

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We've talked about this idea before, but Zoica Matei is making slow-fashion and trans-seasonal fashion her banner. The clothing is designed with healthy, organic materials, but there is also an emphasis on keeping clothing longer and not changing out wardrobes with the changing of the seasons. She creates timeless pieces that are more than just t-shirts with sayings, but rather clothing and outfits that can be worn every day. Items are designed to be worn to work or running errands or going out to dinner, thus giving them more functionality and a longer lifespan.

Originally from Romania, Matei began designing at a young age but ended up getting an environmental degree. After moving to the US, she earned a degree in fashion and then merged her two passions. All clothing is made in the US and sweatshop free. Whites are dyed using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach and other colors use natural colors for dyes.Currently all of the pieces are button-down shirts with different cuts and accessories, like belts or pockets. Her blog is a great source of information on how the clothing is made. While also offering green tips, she uses her blog to update her customers on where materials are sourced from, and little changes that are being made during manufacture to make the product better.

Zoica Matei clothing is also a Loaner with Kiva, meaning that the company can lend money to specific entrepreneurs in the developing world to give them a chance to get out of poverty.

There are big plans for the future of Zoica Matei, including sustainable dresses, new tops, new fabrics, and no layers to help keep you cooler. Organic, sustainable wedding dresses are also on the way for the "unconventional, earth friendly bride." Different sketches for wedding dresses will be online soon where guests can vote for their favorite sketches and watch the most popular gowns come alive in future seasons.

Zoica Matei clothing can be found online at :Zoica Matei. All US order placed before October 31, 2008 will receive free shipping.

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