Yogi Times' Cover Story On Eco-Fashion

The cover story on the September issue of Yogi Times, written by Summer Rayne Oakes (a huge TreeHugger fan!) is all about the rise of eco-fashion. In her article "How Fashion Got Its Soul Back," Summer talks about how designing and selling organic clothing has become a niche that is rapidly growing throughout the world. She talks about the manufacturing of textiles, cotton and even touches on diamonds. Summer is no stranger to sustainability and the fashion industry. She best describes herself as a social entrepreneur who uses her modeling and media image for the greater good. Her personal mission is to "leverage her image, her expertise, and her passion in the sustainability, fashion and media sectors to create integrated, socially-responsible ventures." It is through these ventures that she seeks to get more young people involved. Summer's fabulous article can be found at the Yogi Times website. ::Yogi Times