Yellow Port — Canvas That Keeps on Trucking


We’ve had bags made from yacht sails, vinyl truck covers and advertising billboards to name but a few. And here is but another twist on the reuse of materials otherwise headed for a trip to the landfill. In this case; canvas truck tarpaulins. Yellow Port is a Brazilian based enterprise, that takes the very durable cloth off 18 wheelers and gives it an even longer life. Select shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, some of which appear to even have soles made from rubber tyres too. A vast array of bags from messengers bags, through handbags to purses and CD cases. Plus a line of mens and womens apparel. Truck tarps never looked so alluring. Yellow Port display the merchanise in their upmarket boutique retail store, but will supply international orders. Ask for details via email. ::Yellow Port


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