YBA's Save Our Seas

YBA's is the name for a group of young british artists whose work has become sensationally successful and sought after. Not so young anymore, Gavin Turk and Tracey Emin have created tee-shirts in support of a new charity Global Ocean. Inspired by the politics of whaling, the shirts are limited editions and will become wearable collector's items due to the cult status of both of the artists. Gavin Turk's tee-shirt design (pictured) parodies a sea-faring figure from the past. Tracey Emin's illustrates a turtle, since she is interested in turtle conservation. Launched at London Fashion Week, these shirts bring the plight of marine life to the world of high fashion. Their slogan: "Glamour will save our seas—or almost." The charity aims to save the seas by working with artists to raise global awareness about the problems of unsustainable fishing and promoting fish from responsible fisheries. :: Global Ocean