WSJ Takes A Look At Eco-Fiber Fashion Design


Solar panels, minihouses, eco-friendly cleaning services and now - fashionable eco-fibers? Hmm... It appears as though the Wall Street Journal which we once referred to as a "rabid anti-treehugger fishwrap" has come along quite nicely in their coverage of eco-progressive issues. Our favorite fashion maven Jill Danyelle at FiftyRX3 brings news of this weekend's WSJ coverage of the trials and tribulations facing designers working with a new class of sustainable fabrics. It seems that: corn fibers are sensitive to heat; repurposed plastic can't hold a stitch, bamboo stretches and banana is itchy. But the good news is that from Armani to Rogan Gregory, designers are busting through the learning curve to discover better ways to make eco-fibers both beautiful and user-friendly. Via FiftyRx3. (To get the full-on TH scoop on eco-fibers check out Leonora's post on green fabrics).