Wrap Yourself Around Transformer-Like Organic Cottons from Israel

In the meantime if you are interested in perusing their online catalogue, you’ll have to have a good grasp of Hebrew – otherwise meander through the website of Cotton, one of Israel’s first organic clothing designers. Much of their wear looks like the transformer designs Jasmin has been reporting on lately (here & here) – handy for the intensity that comes with living in Israel. Israelis like to work, party and play hard and it looks like clothes from Cotton could fit the bill. Israelis also tend to dress down rather than up – don’t be surprised to find them wearing jeans to a wedding or flip-flops in a business meeting.


There is a Cotton branch on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv or find a Hebrew-speaking friend to tell you how to navigate to one of their several branches throughout the country. Note that not all Cotton clothes are organic, but that shop owners are committed to sustainable fashion – meaning no trendy wear like skinny jeans or stone-wash jeans that require the use of heavy chemicals. ::Cotton

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