Worn Again Shoes... Born Again for Spring


You can read all about what makes Worn Again a salvage style stand-out here. Now we're doing a little dance over their new spring line. The range consists of two unisex styles for Spring/Summer 2006, Escape and Jack, designed by some of the most creative talent in the UK, Ajoy Sahu (formerly Prada) and Asher Clark at Terra Plana. Escape (lace-up) comes in 3 variations with uppers made from used coffee bags, second-hand t-shirts, military jackets and scrap car-seat leather. The aqua t-shirt and military jacket style is vegan. Jack's (Velcro with buttons) uppers are crafted from military jackets and old jacket buttons. Both styles have soles made from recycled rubber, lining from second-hand "granddad" shirts, and foot beds covered in reclaimed jeans. How lovely to see re-use working. Go on, order a pair! Via Laura at Clownfish. (Their site requires flash.):: Worn Again