Worn Again — More Than Just Funky Footwear

Here’s a prime example of why Graham founded Treehugger in the first place. So we could showcase hip, more sustainable ways of living, and doing business. 'Worn Again' would appear to uphold all the values we seek for that greener future. These are shoes, but not as we know them, Toto. Worn Again take materials like charity store coats, ex-military parachutes, prison blankets, car seat scrap leather, old towels and recycled rubber, crafting them into some funky looking trainers (that's British for sports shoe). They openly tell you a factory in China will make them, but one that honours international standards of social accountability, quality and environmental management. About 1.3% of the production cost is set aside to balance carbon emissions from ...... manufacture and transport. Transparency is pretty darn open too - they list their material, labour, marketing, etc, costs and even detail the profit per pair. Plus they're hoping to make a dent in the 900,000 tonnes of textiles discarded in UK each year. When your 'Jack' (pictured) or 'Escape' wear out, they can be collected through a Europe-wide recycling service. All reminds me of why I got so excited about Julie Lewis’s first company, Deja Shoe, way back in the early 90’s. If you need new (well sorta) footwear, seriously think about supporting these guys. A start-up collaboration between Terra Plana and Anti-Apathy. ::Worn Again

PS. If you have broadband their fun Flash style intro is worth the visit.