Wholly Jo's Ethically Made Wedding Dresses

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As TreeHugger helps to push sustainability gradually into the mainstream, we are seeing new niche markets opening up as off-shoots of big industries. One in particular that we’ve noticed recently is the growing trend for ethical weddings. The business of the traditional white wedding is a huge money making industry! Slowly, however, we are seeing shades of green creeping in, although not without a struggle. One woman, Katie Fewings, featured on TH Blog Love last week, found it so difficult to organise her wedding according to her ethical principals that she has now set-up a website to help others. Previously we have written about the event organiser Organic Weddings and GreenKarat Wedding Rings. Today it’s the turn of the star of the show, the wedding dress. Wholly-Jo’s is an ethical wedding dressmaker, based in London, who wants the process of dressmaking to be as happy as the day on which you wear it. For something so special and individual TreeHugger thinks it's good to know where your dress came from, how is was made and what is it made of. Wholly Jo's make gowns from organic, fair trade and cruelty-free products. They use Peace Silks (vegetarian), and organic cotton and hemp fabrics and also take opportunities to recycle old dresses. All the dresses are made by Joanne Mackin in the U.K. via: Observer ::Wholly Jo's