Where is the Organic Clothing Market Headed?

If the trends already in evidence play out by the cold logic of the marketplace, we can expect the organic cotton market to grow as much as organic food has. In a strong indication of what may happen,Apparel Magazine has already offered the feature article: -- "Organic Clothing: It's Not Just for Tree Huggers Anymore". And boy, won't that tickle the Think Tanks who have long despised us TreeHuggers for treasuring anything organic! It's actually a seminal article...call it a must read...that is both disturbing and refreshing. We've all seen the street level evidence. Sam's Club stores, whose parent is Wal-Mart, introduced Chaus' organic cotton active wear. Whole Foods' flagship store in Austin, Texas, has opened an organic clothing boutique, and there are rumors of other major department stores looking into carrying organic clothing lines. Timberline maybe; and, of course, Nike has a company-wide organic cotton content goal. Fair-trade and organic apparel is found in numerous small shops scattered in urban areas and resort communities. Plus, there are a ton of listings right here on TreeHugger for those who want to order on-line.

By the numbers, it looks like a niche market about to break into the mainstream. Organic cotton is reported to be only a $50 million dollar bump in a $200+ billion dollar cotton market; but, organic cotton demand has been increasing over 20% a year, following the hundreds of US brands offering organic cotton items.

Maybe TreeHugger will end up doing reviews of organic clothing designs at Wal-Mart. Wouldn't that be a full circle, be-careful-what-you-ask-for-because-it-might-happen outcome? Now that's a tipping point indicator to watch for.