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Hauling clothing to a collection site is can be a drag when you're on a time budget, but that's no excuse to dump unwanted duds in the garbage! New Yorkers, if you missed Swap-O-Rama-Rama this year, yet still have good quality clothing that you need to get rid of the social enterprise, Wearable Collections will come and pick it up for you this Saturday, October 28th. The company aims to minimize inconvenience - a welcome concept - while maximizing clothing collected. To do so they work with individuals and organizations to establish clothing recycling programs tailored to the needs of each particular building or community. Wheeled collection bins placed in a handy location will be emptied regularly, as often as once a week if needed. The pick-up campaign this Saturday is an effort to raise awareness about their service.

Wearable Collections, founded by Adam Baruchowitz, aims to reduce clothing in landfills while also raising funds for spinal cord research. The impetus behind the effort was a car accident almost six years ago. Adam's friend Ethan Ruby, was hit by a car while walking on Delancey St on the Lower East Side and became paralyzed from his chest down. The company is a way to make money and raise money to help a friend. Associated to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (MPCP), a leading spinal cord research facility, proceeds from the collection will directly benefit Ethan and the MPCP in their struggle against paralysis. Clothes collected end up in hands of people in need in Africa, Central America, and South America

Today, the garment industry still uses a multitude of toxic chemicals and dangerous sweat-shop manufacturing situations are common. As a result, it's important to recycle as much as possible. "As a whole, the textile recovery industry removes 2.5 billion pounds of post-consumer textile product waste annually. The industry is then able to recycle 93% of the product they process without producing any new hazardous waste or harmful by-products."

If you are interested in scheduling a pick-up please e-mail msorel at wearablecollections dot com with your address, phone number and location for the clothing to be picked up, i.e. with the doorman, or in front of apartment. Only reusable clothing, shoes, linens, towels and sheets will be accepted at Manhattan locations only.

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