Wear Your Heart on Your Chest - Howies Do


Caring about the environment can be serious stuff. After all, it's about saving lives of polar bears, homes of Pacific islanders and other heavy stuff. But being serious all the time can get a tad boring — for all concerned. Thankfully the team at Howies remember not to get too bogged down. They make organic this, and less toxic that. But they also skate'n'paddle'n'bike and the like. They poke fun at themselves (T's £12 on sale). They live. They laugh. Go save the world. Just don't forget to take your sense of the ridiculous along for the ride.

See also their pertinent little treatise on ants which begins, "Ants are co-rulers of planet Earth. There are ten thousand trillion worldwide. Roughly. If you weighed all the humans on Earth today, we would weigh around the same as all the ants. They have been on Earth for 140 million years. They outlasted the dinosaurs. ..... But in terms of ecology, we have a lot to learn from the humble ant." ::Howies.