Vote! The Perfect T-shirt


Remember when we joined the perfect t-shirt project on its journey towards a 100% sustainable and socially beneficial product? Well, as a result from the exciting feedback of the forum’s debate, the perfect t-shirt has nearly taken shape. However more than one way of making a potentially perfect t-shirt seems to be possible and therefore you’re needed to cast your vote!

Would you go for the socially responsible one even though it requires more chemicals? Or would you vote for the recycled one with less control over the quality? Do you like the idea of a disposable t-shirt or is local your favourite way towards sustainability?

Take a look at the four types of perfect t-shirts with their pro & cons and add your comments or ideas on how to improve it and cast your vote here! Check back next Tuesday (18 April 2006) to see the full poll result of which design is winning. ::better thinking's the perfect t-shirt