Volcom's beautiful new swimsuits are made from recycled fishing nets

Simply Solid swimwear
© Courtesy of Volcom

The sporty fashion retailer has made an impressive effort to repurpose ocean waste into swimwear that people will want to buy.

Volcom has launched a new line of swimwear made from recycled fishing nets. It is a fascinating and admirable attempt to rescue some of the waste floating in our oceans and put it to good use. “Caught up in a good thing” is the catchy tagline that accompanies the launch of the Simply Solid line, and it sounds like an accurate description.

Volcom has partnered with Italian fabric company Aquafil to create Simply Solid. Aquafil manufactures a product called Econyl, composed of 100 percent regenerated nylon waste, such as abandoned fishing nets, production scraps, and carpet fluff. The waste is transformed into a durable, lightweight, and breathable textile. From the press release:

“The recovered nylon waste is made new through Aquafil’s cutting-edge regeneration system, a pioneering example of the circular economy in action – offering the same quality and performance as traditional nylon, but with the ability to be regenerated an infinite number of times without any loss in quality.”

This is a logical step for a company so invested in ocean sports. There are an estimated 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets littered throughout the ocean, which pose great danger to sea animals and birds. The more of this waste that can be removed and repurposed, reducing demand for virgin fibers, the better off our oceans will be.

Head of Women’s Business for Volcom, Lindsey Roach, says:

“Econyl fiber allowed us to create a collection with deeper meaning and purpose. We wanted this collection to be more than beautiful patterns and functional pieces, so the fact that it is made with recovered fishing nets creates a natural connection to surf culture, which fully understands the value of keeping the ocean clean.”

The Simply Solid line for women, which contains 78 percent Econyl, includes bikini and tankini tops, bottoms of various sizes, one-piece swimsuits, long-sleeved top, and board shorts. They come in black, teal, and yellow, and range in price from $32 to $75.

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