Vogue Turns Up The Heat

vogue repeats.jpg

What do war, heroin addiction and climate change have in common?
a) they are global tragedies
b) they provide thematic material for fashion magazines
c) all of the above
The answer is "c." Indeed, global warming is the new heroin-chic. To demonstrate, Gawker sends us to the table of contents for this month's Vogue:

303 The heat is on. As climate change continues apace, the world may be saying goodbye to the seasons as we know them. So how will this affect the way people dress? Vogue travels to Dubai, California, Brazil, and Russia for the fashion weather report. By Robert Sullivan

I wonder if a tussel is brewing in the fashion world - what with Vanity Fair and Elle doing their part to stop global warming. I mean, skin is just so in and with a melting planet it will be nothing but flesh! flesh! flesh!