U Penn Grads to Wear Recycled Plastic Caps & Gowns

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School is just barely getting underway right now. So aside from picking classes, checking out the Freshman look book, going to your green orientation and setting up your room, graduation is probably just a blip on your radar. Here are a few tips for starting your year off right, and if you want to find out how the Penn Current is reporting that U Penn is sending their grads off in style, keep reading...You've taken all of your finals. You've added up all your credits (tripled checked them even). What more do you have left between you and the real (working) world? If you are a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, the answer is just a thin layer of plastic - a 100% recycled plastic cap and gown, that is, to be worn at your graduation.

The start of this new school year at U Penn heralded the launch of their Climate Action Plan which includes activities for students, staff, operations and everyone in between to improve the environmental footprint of the school. That includes the choice of clothing at graduation. Oak Hall Cap & Gown has a line of graduation wear made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic soda bottles, their GreenWeaver line, which seemed like the perfect fit.

An estimated 2,500 seniors will wear the gowns at graduation this spring. With an estimated 23 soda bottles needed to make one gown, that is over 57,500 soda bottles recycled at this one event. Seeing as how these caps & gowns are typically worn once for graduation and then never worn again (unless you can sell yours off, rent one or pass one on to a sibling), its great that the gowns are made entirely from recycled plastic and can be either reused or recycled into more clothing. The gowns also feel and look just like traditional gowns, which are made out of polyester.

And it gets better. Oak Hall will donate money to the campus environmental club or organization for each gown purchased - at U Penn that would be the University Green Fund. With universities across the US in a perpetual race to out green each other, it's surprising more have not joined this bandwagon. Graduation is still 9 months away so it's not too late for other schools to make the switch and graduate with flying (recycled plastic) colors. :Penn Current
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