"The True Cost" documentary explores the human and environmental price of cheap fashion

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Last year, the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh lead many consumers to question how our clothes are really made. Andrew Morgan is one of those people, and for him the questions inspired a documentary.

"I saw a photo on the cover of the New York Times that instantly struck my heart. The image was of two boys walking in front of a giant wall of missing persons signs," Morgan said. "I picked up the paper and read about the factory that had collapsed in Rana Plaza. From there I began reading everything I could get my hands on and calling folks around the world who were working in and along side the global clothing industry. What I discovered was shocking, both in the extent of the problem but also in the ripe potential for good."

Morgan has shot a trailer and is now in pre-production. He and his crew are turning to Kickstarter to help fund the project; the campaign launches today. The team plans to start principal shooting after the holidays. The film will take viewers to Bangladesh, India, Peru, China, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic and Kenya to see where and how fast fashion is made.

As the title implies, the film aims to reveal the "true cost" of fast fashion, like human suffering and the environmental damage, factors that aren't reflected on a garment's final price tag. "The true cost for us is everything on the other end of the supply change that we don't necessarily see when purchasing a product," Morgan said, "including agricultural, environmental, and human costs."

However, Morgan hopes the film can also point the way towards solutions. The Kickstarter campaign page explains:

"Real change can only be sustained through the creation of a synergistic approach, one that involves the adaptation of policy, the improvement of industry standards and a shift in consumer consciousness. Our hope is to bring a new understanding to the problem and the role that we all play in solving it."

Learn more about The True Cost documentary here.

"The True Cost" documentary explores the human and environmental price of cheap fashion
Director Andrew Morgan turns to Kickstarter to fund his film about disposable clothes.