Transformer Fashion: One Dress Morphs Into 10 Different Looks

Mimetik transformer dress photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture

From napsacks that turn into sleeping bags to a coat that turns into an armchair, transformer clothing is a big deal for us TreeHuggers. After all, if you can own less stuff and still get the same benefits as a full wardrobe, what's not to like?

Mimetik transformer dress 2 photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture
That's the thinking behind Mim├Ętik—a clothing line created by Spanish architect-turned fashion designer Mireia Solsona.
Inspired by the Ancient Greek's ability to transform one piece of cloth into different outfits, she has created a whole host of clothing designs whose core attribute is flexibility.

Mimetik transformer dress 3 photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture

The latest video from Faircompanies—who usually cover arcitectural innovation from Ewok villages to mortgage-free tiny houses—explains more:

A cylindrincal piece of fabric converts between a dress and a top with a morphing neckline. A little red dress can be worn backward or forward, with caped sleeves or a bunched neck. A cone-shaped fabric flip-flops between a skirt a shirt (both are reservable). The most impressively morphing piece is a particularly Grecian shape that can be tied, twisted and wrapped to create ten different looks.

Mimetik transformer dress 4FairCompanies/Video screen capture

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Transformer Fashion: One Dress Morphs Into 10 Different Looks
An architect-turned fashion designer creates multifunctional pieces that allow huge versatility from a tiny wardrobe.

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