TRAID says no to plastic bags


British shoppers dump 150 million plastic bags each week, which take 500 years to degrade and emit methane, a key contributor climate change gas, while doing so. Which means we like the look and concept of the new reusable Bag for Life from hip UK charity shop TRAID. TRAID claim to be the first fashion retailer to offer an alternative to the polluting plastic bag. Designed by Red or Dead head honcho Wayne Hemingway, the bag is made from 100% natural jute fibre and costs £6 (plus 75p postage).TRAID, which stands for Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development, is committed to combating the effects of world poverty by recycling at home.
Cash raised in the UK through the collection and sale of second-hand clothing contribute to the protection of the environment in the UK and funds sustainable development projects in some of the poorest parts of the world.
Staff at TRAID's six UK stores sort through donated clothes to find items their designers then customise and sell.
On Thursday TRAID are hosting Positively Remade, a glamorous "inspirational fashion show" with creations by guest designers re-using vintage and second-hand clothing to stylish effect.
Held as part of the London Sustainability Weeks, the event will showcase vintage outfits and TRAID Remade's latest collection of one-off customised designs.
The night will include a charity auction, fairtrade cocktails, canapés, live music, goody bags and an after show party. Advance tickets available here.

[By Simon Crerar]