Top 5 Must-Have Eco Fashion and Beauty Finds on LovingEco Now

Emma Grady for Snoozer Loser NY© Snoozer Loser NY

With New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 just behind us and Spring 2012 fashion almost upon us, it's easy to get lost in limbo when it comes to what to wear--and buy--now. Enter LovingEco.

The members-only site that sells ethical products at up to 70 percent off is currently featuring my fashion and beauty "Tastemaker Picks" and I curated my selection with affordable must-have items, from timeless non-toxic nail polish colors to classic and quirky scarves. The only catch is the sale ends tomorrow, so hop to it:

1. A Colorful, Quirky Scarf by Snoozer Loser

Despite the fact that I am biased as the face of Snoozer Loser scarves campaign, I truly am a fan of these stylish scarves. They're modern, classic, and with their quirky and playful prints, they embody Snoozer Loser as a brand and my friend, designer Sonia Tay, too. They're versatile and can be worn a number of ways as illustrated in Snoozer Loser's look book, which I styled using primarily vintage and second-hand clothing. View the entire look book, here. Snoozer Loser NY scarf, $30 on LovingEco.

2. Seasonless Nail Polish Hues by Priti NYC

Priti NYC© Priti NYC

As I told LovingEco, I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my nail hues; red and pale pink are a sure thing when it comes to getting the most out of my polish. Plus, they're classic shades, perfect for any season. And when it comes to mixing it up, I opt for subtle shades: Priti NYC 4-Pack, $18.95 on LovingEco.

3. Colorful Resolution Wrap Bracelets by Article 22

resolution peace bomb bracelet © Article 22

I love bracelets that you can wear endlessly without taking off, and even more so if they have sentimental value like these bracelets, which you attach a personal resolution to. Made from Vietnam War scrap metal and vintage string, they're a colorful accessory that can be worn no matter the time of year. Resolution Wrap Bracelets, $14 on LovingEco.

4. Classic Peace Bomb Bracelets

article 22 peace bomb bracelet photo

This trio of bracelets has a simple, yet chic design and they boast an amazing story to boot: each one has been made by Lao artisans from Vietnam War scrap metal. And while Article 22 has gone on to make a variety of accessories from this material, like the Resolution Wrap bracelets, above, these bracelets are in the original Peace Bomb bracelet design.

5. A Universalist 3-in-1 Cosmetic Stick by W3ll People

W3ll People© W3ll People

I was first introduced to W3LL People by natural makeup artist Jessa Blades--who gave me a gorgeous, green beauty makeover. She suggests using a Universalist 8 stick to mix your own lipstick. Universalist, $23.10 on LovingEco.

The Universalist 2 is ideal for highlighting and brightening up the eyes. I use Jane Iredale's Mystikol eyeliners--full disclosure: these were complimentary samples to try--daily and apply it to the inner corners of my eyes. Actually, this is a beauty tip from Summer Rayne Oakes. She once told me at an event--where she had to be camera ready, per usual--that she always uses an eyebrow pencil and a highlighter. Good tip.

If you want to score these accessories on discount, time is of the essence. The sale on these items ends tomorrow on LovingEco.

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Top 5 Must-Have Eco Fashion and Beauty Finds on LovingEco Now
From colorful non-toxic nail polish to classic and quirky scarves, check out this members-only site that sells ethical products on the cheap.

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