Top 5 Green Trends to Emerge from Berlin Fashion Week

reusable coffee cup berlin fashion week© ecoShowroom
A fashionista at Berlin Fashion Week dons a colorful reusable coffee cup, called KeepCup.

Berlin Fashion Week might take a back seat to the Paris and Milan menswear shows and haute couture shows, as The Guardian points out, but when it comes to green fashion, they're driving sustainable style home. From a peach suit, to bow ties, to a fleet of white hybrid vehicles, here are the top 5 green fashion and lifestyle trends to emerge from Berlin Fashion Week 2012.

ecoShowroom in berlin© ecoShowroom
The EcoShowroom at Berlin Fashion Week.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of Berlin Fashion Week on January 19-21, the EcoShowroom provided a one-stop shop for journalists, buyers, and fashion week attendees to check out the latest eco lifestyle products.

1. Peach Suits

peach suit© Milde
A suit from Milde's spring 2012 collection.

Milde's peachy keen suit from their daywear collection for spring is ahead of the trend--a slightly darker hue was seen in Armani's RTW collection for 2012. The label uses fair trade and organic fabrics, according to Not Just a Label, the suit features vintage buttons to boot. I'd like to see the waistline of the pants hit a little higher, rather then on the hip, but they do sport a luscious peachy color and silk fabric.

2. Bright Bows

bow © KSIA

Handmade in Berlin, Germany, KSIA accessories are made with organically tanned leather and organic cotton fabrics. At EcoShowroom, the handcrafted accessories label showed a purple bow with an unexpected twist: it's leather and can double as a bow tie and a brooch that can be fastened just about anywhere, from a purse to a shirt. I'd like to see it worn as a bow tie, otherwise it's just too girly, a boring excuse for style, and only maybe just a little cute.

3. The Little Black Dress

milde fashion© Milde
LBD from Milde's spring 2012 collection at Berlin Fashion Week.

The LBD gets brightened up for spring with a colorful tie that makes it suitable for casual daywear. Pockets add function to the relaxed fit. The Milde dress also features a low-cut neckline for added appeal.

4. Reusable Coffee Cups

reusable coffee cup© ecoShowroom

Notable at the EcoShowroom was the KeepCup, a reusable coffee cup made in a bevy of bright colors. KeepCup helps save 300 million disposable cups from landfills each year. Visitors could fill the cup up with organic espresso from an espresso vehicle parked outside the showroom. Also on hand: organic pies and croissants by bakery Beumer & Lutum.

5. Fuel-Efficient Transportation

toyota prius berlin fashion week© Toyota

In partnership with, a fleet of fuel-efficient, white Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles served as transportation for fashion week events. Toyota has plans to launch a Prius Plug-In this year and a fuel cell vehicle in 2015.

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Top 5 Green Trends to Emerge from Berlin Fashion Week
Oh we want the peach suit! And bow ties are back: Here are the top 5 green fashion and lifestyle trends to emerge from Berlin Fashion Week 2012.

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