TOMS Shoes - Buy One, Give One Away


When Blake Mycoskie went to visit Argentina he discovered the typical soft shoe called Alpargata (similar to the Spanish Espadrilles) but also that a lot of children don't have shoes which leads to major health issues. Blake saw an opportunity for a business idea that 'makes life more comfortable' and returned home with exactly that: TOMS Shoes was born.
It's simple: with each pair of TOMS you buy ($38), a pair of shoes is donated to a child in Argentina on your behalf. And what's also comfortable to know is that the shoes are produced in Argentina under strict 'no sweatshop' criterias, made from local materials such as canvas and leather. Women, men and 'tiny' shoes are available (online as well as in stores across the US) in all sorts of colours and patterns as well as a limited hand painted graffiti edition by Tyler Ramsen. For the full TOMS Shoe story check out Blake Mycoskie's video clip here. ::via Springwise ::TOMS Shoes

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