Tom Dixon Does Lacoste

Turtle necks in winter, Polos in summer; that is the extent of our wardrobe. Imagine our delight to learn about UK designer Tom Dixon's Eco riff on the classic polo shirt. (Tom is known to TreeHuggers for his Ecowareand his Fresh Fat Chair). Tom's approach was "to question the need for uniformity in the production process and to start a conversation about how to address today"s urgent issues of sutainability." Handmade from organic cotton and natural indigo dye at Lacoste factories in Morocco, then packaged in an embossed box from "recycled materials reminiscent of egg cartons." It is part of a new annual series where a designer from outside the industry reinterprets the classic polo; Tom also designed a bulletproof techno polo which we will take a pass on. Alas, a limited edition of only a thousand pieces with distribution in A-list cities only. ::Lacoste via ::Yanko