Tokyo Recycle Project #15

This sounds like a hoot. Japanese fashion designer Masahiro Nakagawa is at Sydney's
Powerhouse Museum for two weeks, beginning 24 September, like an 'artist in residence.' He, and his team, will apparently concoct new clothing from old and worn garments, whilst haranguing mainstrean fashion and consumerism. According to the press release thingamee, this is a extention of work he has been engaged in since 1999, when he established a streetwear label, with the easy-to-remember name of '20471120.' Nakagawa's Tokyo Recycle Project, which "seeks to resucitate meaning between people and their possessions" through making these new streetwear (jeans) and haute couture (evening dresses) from reused apparel, has seemingly been a hit from Japan to NYC. At the end of the two weeks work there will be a "spectacular fashion parade which will showcase their inspired creations." ::Tokyo Recycle Project #15