Timberland's New Recycled Tees Help Haiti

yele haiti tee shirts image

Image credit: Timberland Earthkeepers

From recycled plastic bottles to the 100% locally sourced tee, Kara's list of 7 dark green t shirts we'd actually wear showcased some of the best in sustainable apparel. But what if you could get a sustainable, 100% recycled t-shirt that could also help earthquake victims in Haiti? This is where Timberland Earthkeepers come in—launching their line of 100% recycled cotton tees that were designed by kids in Haiti last year, long before the devastating events of the earthquake unfolded. the tees were deisgned by children at the FOSAJ Art School in Jamacel, Haiti, as part of Timberland Earthkeepers' initiatives on the island. Three children won a competition to create designs inspired by the Timberland logo, and the winning creations were printed on these awesome looking tees. All profits from the sale of Yéle Haiti T-shirts will go to the Yéle Haiti Earthquake Fund, contributing to the relief and recovery that Haiti and its community urgently need.

And these tees are just one part of a much wider campaign. In a world where green and good are way too easily co-opted for shallow marketing purposes, it is good to see Timberland stepping up their very serious, very substantive efforts to make a difference. From raising their voices on climate change at Copenhagen to sponsoring a swim in filthy waters, Timberland is engaging on a real and sustained basis with activists and do-gooders around the Globe.

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