Timberland Earthkeepers Go Bionic for Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton

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Launched to the trade last year, Timberland's new Earthkeeper footwear is now available to mere mortals as well. Complete with Bionic canvas, which is a modern reworking of that durable material, which was once de rigueur for sails and tents. In this instant, Timberland's canvas uses Bionic yarn, from a company of the same name. The yarn has an outer of organic cotton (50%), wrapped around a core of 38% recycled PET core and 12% High Tensile polyester (non-recycled), all of which is said to "provide increased strength, abrasion resistance and decreased dry time." Indeed it's claimed that Bionic canvas is 30% stronger than regular canvas.The Women's Vintera Oxford (seen above) also sport a lining made of 100% recycled PET polyester, rubber outsoles constructed with 15% recycled rubber and leather tanned in factory with a Silver rating from The Leather Working Group.

Timberland twill wharf jacket Bionic yarn photo

Timberland, who've won awards for their Green Index, (which scores their own product to an in-house environmental matrix), have rolled out the Bionic canvas or Bionic yarn across a wide range of products, including men's footwear and apparel. Take, for example, the Men's Twill Wharf Jacket, whose shell is crafted with a Bionic yarn comprised of 75% organic cotton, 20% recycled nylon, 5% high-tenacity polyester.

Timberland earthkeeper Bionic Canvas photo

You can find Timberland's other Bionic Yarn products, like those above, in their Spring 2011 digital catalogue.

Timberland Bionic Canvas sneaker photo

Bionic Yarn offer three main variants of their material, Duplex, Apex and Natural, and say they can customise the blends to suit manufacturer's requirements. But all have a high content of recycled PET drink bottles. The company says their material is suitable for application in, not only footwear and apparel, but also backpacks, luggage, and furnishings.

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