Timberland Boots Don't Kick the Can

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"Lost Bottle," a television ad for Timberland Earthkeepers boots and part of the company's Nature Needs Heroes campaign, was seen in the commercial break on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. It shows a dog snatching a plastic bottle and dumping it over a bridge. Taa-daa: Earthkeepers boots to the rescue - at great lengths! Check out the amusing hair-raising environmental adventure:

Usually "the dog" is a person who tosses the plastic bottle instead of placing it in a recycling bin - and buys it in the first place instead of using a reusable bottle. As the Earthkeepers Hero leaps into action, he dives onto a moving train as it tumbles off the edge, then jumps along a river bed to retrieve it from the gushing waters and bounds onward to retrieve the runaway water bottle in a wild race. What next...a plastic bag?

All to let you know Timberland's Earthkeepers boots are made with 100% recycled PET lining made from recycled plastic bottles, 100% recycled PET laces and a Durable Green Rubber lug outsole made of 42% recycled rubber for maximum traction. Also the company boasts of improved water, energy and waste management in tanning process.

But Rachel Cernansky reported in Treehugger last June that "VF Corp., parent company of North Face, Vans, Wrangler and JanSport and the world's largest apparel maker, has agreed to buy Timberland for approximately $1.8 billion." She raised concerns about the new owner allowing Timberland to maintain its sustainable business practices, noting it was ranked second out of 150 companies by nonprofit Climate Counts. Would cost-cutting measures trim green efforts, she wondered, ending the post with: "We'll see in a few months."

Well, if the Timberland ad I saw last night is any indication, it's sticking to its sustainable agenda. If these boots outsell others, maybe all its footwear will go green. The spot's pretty effective. To what lengths would you go to pick up plastic trash?

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