Tilley Endurables — Hemp Hats Made With Persnicketiness

I first discovered Tilley hats on a 103 degree summer day in Moab Utah. The sun was relentless, and my fair skin couldn't cope with the abuse. I sought shelter in an outdoor gear store, and happened upon "The greatest hat in the world" (disclaimer: I'm only a very big fan of Tilley, I don't own stock or anything). The Tilley T3 hat appeared high quality and the sales clerk told me to pull out the information packet stored in the top compartment of the hat! I was excited to have another excuse for standing in the air conditioning, and with something approaching disbelief I read the comments on the packet. I became enthralled with the world spanning testimonials from Tilley owners. If Sir Edmund Hillary liked the hat, who am I to argue? My Tilley hat kept the sun off my head and face while I tromped around Arches National Park. The hat has been a constant companion ever since.

So I was delighted to learned that Tilley had come out with a new Hemp Hat. I know, I know there are already a million articles of hemp clothing, and it's the misunderstood material of the future (there are more then 50 hemp-related posts on TH). Which is why, I'm excited that such an upstanding premium clothing line like Tilley has found a place in their line up for the material. (More pictures when you continue->)Tilley hats are not on the cheap side, but they do provide more value for the buck then any other article of clothing I have ever owned. I was smugly satisfied in the knowledge that Tilley hats are manufactured with care (not in a sweatshop) in Canada out of materials that last a lifetime. With their attention to detail or as they say "Canadian persnicketiness" they have gained a rapidly growing audience, including the Canadian government who issues them to troops when they go to war or on peace-keeping missions. Tilley's view of hemp in their line-up is as commendable as their enthusiastic spirit of adventure and bonhomie attitude. Their own words describe why Hemp is one of their best new hat materials.

"Why Hemp? Not only do our Hemp Hats look great, but they have a soft linen-like look with a 'tough as nails attitude'. In fact, Hemp is the world's strongest natural fibre. It is breathable, and naturally resistant to UV light, mould, mildew and salt water. Tilley Hemp fabric has been tested and certified as having a UPF 50+; this is the maximum UV protection rating given."

I love the way Canadians spell fiber anyway their product line contains much more then hats. They have a whole TilleyHemp Collection for both Men and Women; shirts, pants, and tank tops for the ladies. TilleyHemp is constructed of 67% Hemp and 33% environmentally friendly, recycled polyester. They say the color wears out like a good pair of jeans. Count me in for the next fad- a faded Hemp Shirt! And now that the T3 hat is out in Hemp for this spring well I could use a lighter weight hat then the cotton duck one I have. Hmmmm tempting. :: Tilley Edurables [by T. McGee]