thredUP: Like Netflix, But With Clothes

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Women on the Great American Apparel Diet might want to turn away from this next article. Today launches the debut of ThredUp and the ability to swap clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear for clothes you will wear. You can swap textbooks. You can swap regular books. Why not swap your wardrobe?Items that you are done with are sent in a postage-paid envelope - the same way you would return that dvd. Each time you send an item to someone else, you get credit to receive items. How do you get items? When you sign up, you list your size and the types of items you might like. The gurus at thredUP then send you items they think you might like. In the same way that you can choose which movies you'd like to see, you can also set preferences in the thredUP online catalog to ensure you get clothing you like and will wear. So you can try an item and if you like it, you keep it. If you're not thrilled on your new find, just post it on your site and let someone else try their luck with it.

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Not sure this switcheroo is for you? thredUP has a handy little tool on their site that estimates what your closet might be worth and how many items you might have for sale. Plus, you don't have to worry about taking images of all of your clothes to try to "sell them." The only thing you pay for are the shipping envelopes ($25USD for 3, or if you sign up now, you can get 3 envelopes for just $10). Each envelope you purchase gets you an "exchange" through thredUP.

While yes this program allows people to put to use the clothing in their wardrobe that they never use, is it really a good idea to ship clothing back and forth across the country? In exchange for the ThredUp membership fee, would it be better to take that money down to a local consignment shop and purchase a few pieces you really like there? Let us know what you think. Exclusive for TreeHugger readers - when you sign up and use the code "Refresh," you get 50% off your first pack of envelopes. :thredUP
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