"Think" Trainer: Modular, Recyclable Shoe Concept


Shoes are up there on the list of things that, when poorly designed, are becoming more and more disposable. We've seen some better examples, but many shoes out there still source from sweatshops, use toxic adhesives and cements and employ other undesirable practices. If you can't pimp your old shoes, we like the idea behind "Think," a modular trainer concept that uses mechanical locks instead of adhesives. Not only does this cut back on toxics in the shoes, but makes individual pieces replaceable (and then recyclable) as they wear out.

There are only five parts to each shoe, allowing for self-assembly instead of sweatshops, and variations in the colors and styles make for an easily-customizable, quick-changing look. Hit the jump to see how all this works in pictures. ::Ben Chappell via ::Yanko Design


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