These Shoes are Made for Walking


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Making green and ecological shoes is a difficult challenge because of the many components involved. There have been several success stories: Terra Plana and the wonderful Melissa, the hot Brazilian plastic shoemaker, spring to mind. But there are some newcomers who are also making great strides.

This small line of bespoke shoes is designed in New York by Osborn Design and made in Guatamala from African Kente cloth, recycled clothing, and handwoven Guatemalan fabrics.


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The couple who design them visit Guatamala and the markets regularly and work with a cobbler and his assistants to ensure that the shoes are bespoke but with a personal touch. As they say: " we wanted to make a living, not a killing" and help the artisans to support themselves.


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Moving into a different realm completely, we have Stella McCartney teaming up with ageing Brit Rocker Morrissey to launch a range of leather free footwear. Morrissey has a track record of saying no to meat. He bans any food that 'used to have a face' from his tours and recently stormed off the stage at a music festival because he was so disgusted by the smell of cooking meat from a nearby burger stand. The sole partners plan to have the line out next year.


Image from Inhabitat

From our friends at Inhabitat, you can now turn your old shoes into solar-powered street lights... Apparently kits are available which include solar cells and LEDs. So your sneakers can be transformed into surreal garden or street lighting. The kit comes in two sizes--kid and adult--and is available with white or coloured ("mood-changing") lights.


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And finally, shoes as art. The artist Gabriel Dishaw spent three weeks working with waste material from old computers to re-create his favourite running shoes as "junk art".

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