Thermochromatic T-Shirt Puts Melting Arctic Ice Warning on Your Chest (Video)

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Photo via Fashion Tech

The world is full of t-shirts sporting ironic, silly, and downright lame messages. But here's one that matters. And it's done in early 90s thermochromatic flair. Check out a video of the t-shirt changing color and showing the (truly frightening) melting of polar ice.

As the temperature creeps up to 96.8, the ice caps disappear. Neato! The t-shirt, not the melting of arctic ice, of course. Imagine if all the delegates at COP15 were to wear these! The more time they take sweating over who should do what to mitigate climate change, the more ice melts.

The shirt is an American Apparel Sustainable Edition organic t-shirt and is printed with - supposedly - eco-friendly thermochromatic ink. But what exactly makes it eco-friendly, we aren't sure. Still, a portion of the proceeds from each $30 shirt purchase is given to the Climate Project.

Via Fashion Tech
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