The Human Bee Pollinator: People in a Beeless World?

Human Bee Pollinator photo

Image credit: Fashioning Tech

It's well known by now that much of the action at the failed climate talks in Copenhagen happened outside the convention center. From clashes with police to activists being banned from talks, some of the action was confrontational. But there was also a gigantic sharing of ideas and inspiration for a better world. Including this rather remarkable, and absurd, creation—a suit designed for humans to act as polllinators if our bees disappear. Designed as part of Interaction Design Programme's Performative Design event, the suit was one of many student works created to explore "body-centric wearable design in the context of climate, environment and sustainability. Students challenged, developed and explored the role of the wearable artifact as a device for protection, connection, enhancement, shelter and survival within their own environmental future-narrative."

Fashioning Tech has the full scoop on the Human Bee Pollinator, which featured pollen collectors that would be used to disseminate pollen to other plants in an attempt to keep our ecosystems in balance if our fuzzy flying friends really do ever disappear. The suit also includes a module that automatically detects which pollen is suitable for spreading to which plant—supposedly to mimic bees natural instincts in that regard.

Undoubtedly there will be those who yawn at yet another conceptual costume design, but I for one found it an entertaining and humorous reminder that we really would be up a certain creek, paddle-less if we fail to protect bees from environmental pressures.

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