The GreenShows Showcase New Directions in Green Fashion

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The designs of Auralís Herrero wowed the crowds at last week's GreenShows.

Green is the new black. And if you don't believe us, check this: eBay listings with the term "organic" have nearly doubled since this time last year, while sales for items with the term have risen 30 percent.

Among the forces propelling green fashion along: the GreenShows, otherwise known as Eco Fashion Week.It wasn't too long ago, three seasons to be exact, that the GreenShows made its ethically-chic debut. A humble runway in downtown Manhattan served as the backdrop for emerging eco-designers in the Fall of 2009, as showed their clothing lines while the mayhem of traditional New York Fashion buzzed further uptown. This season, with a decidedly more stylish space (The Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea) and a bustling cast of fashionista characters in attendance, it seems that the GreenShows—and with it, a roster of talented eco-designers—has truly made its mark as a Fashion Week fixture.

We caught several of the GreenShows this week, which we've recapped for you here. Be sure to Check out eBay's Green Shopping Hub for plenty of amazing eco and vintage fashion finds, as well as the newly-redone Inside Source for some handpicked eBay items to compliment each collection!

Auralís Herrero

This Puerto Rican-born designer turned up the heat while still infusing a cool-city vibe into her "urban tropical" Spring 2011 collection. Herrero remarked on how her upbringing and her current life in New York inspired her work: "The collection brings together my favorite islands. I present them as I saw Puerto Rico riding my bike as a kid, and how I see New York and Brooklyn when I ride their streets now. The colors, the forms, they all come from that." In order to portray the dualities between the Caribbean and New York, Herrero took recycled, sustainable and organic fabrics, in contrasting bright and muted hues, and constructed them into a series of asymmetrical silhouettes. The result, again, is a display of distinctly diverging themes: saucy and demure. We found pieces on eBay, including A-line skirts and bright jewelry, that we thought inspire and compliment Herrero's collection perfectly.

Bright Young Things

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Bright Young Things designer Eliza Starbuck, began her slow-fashion journey with a "little black dress" that could be worn frontward, backward, inside out, as a jacket, as a romper, dressed up and down, after she met Sheena Matheiken in 2009. Matheiken, who now works closely with eBay, had launched an initiative called the Uniform Project, wherein she pledged to wear one little black dress for 365 days, made by Starbuck, as an exercise in sustainability and as a fundraiser to support the Akanksha Foundation, a non-profit organization providing education to children living in Indian slums. Matheiken succeeded in her mission and Starbuck's Bright Young Things line has evolved into a collection of eight items, including shorts, pants, jackets, and more, that are all convertible, just like the initial LBD. The idea is to enable the wearer to slow down the fashion process and get creative, with accessories and interchangeable looks. We love all the simple ways Starbuck paired her classic LBD and found ourselves dreaming of the ways we would create our own interchangeable Bright Young Things look with eBay finds.

Samantha Pleet

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Samantha Pleet has become a darling of indie musicians around the world, such as Beach House, Dirty Projectors and Au Revoir Simone, who all wear her quirky and flirty eco-fashions. It is no wonder musicians love her, because Pleet's uncomplicated yet uniquely layered designs are for the creative girl at heart who thinks about the detailed subtleties of her outfit. We are particularly fond of Pleet's off-beat prints, such as the polka dots from her current collection. We also love the disarmingly simple details she incorporates into her work, such as a large ribbon as a belt, a high buttoned shirt, or a simple set of small front pockets. All of Pleet's designs are manufactured locally in New York City, and she uses organic fabrics wherever she possibly can in order to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum. We fell so in love with Pleet's quirky-charming collection that we shopped eBay for inspiration and other items to complete the darling look.

This article was written by Lexi Green, a Brooklyn-based design, fashion, and shopping writer and contributor to and She is currently a Master's Degree candidate at Pratt Institutes's environmental sustainability program. We welcome your comments, so please visit us at and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
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The GreenShows Showcase New Directions in Green Fashion
Green is the new black. And if you don't believe us, check this: eBay listings with the term "organic" have nearly doubled since this time last year, while sales for items with

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