The Fur (And The Feathers) Keep Flying, Part I

Japanese designer Chie Imai has created bolero jackets for her fall '08 collection that mix fur from chinchillas with recycled polyester fabric from Teijin Ltd., and she's calling it eco-fur. Imai argues that fur is an 'ecological' product because it can be worn for generations, returns to the earth and causes "no pollution". Not even close, says the Global Action Network.

But fur is one of those slightly grey areas that is increasingly trying to get green cred. While it was undoubtedly an important weather-protective and relatively sustainable article of clothing for our forefathers (but with the fur part mostly on the inside for warmth, duh), these days more than half is factory fur - less controlled for ethical treatment of animals and cleanliness than factory-farmed chicken, beef...anything. What's more interesting than Imai's juxtaposition of fur with suposedly low-brow polyester is that Teijin's recycled product is starting to make the transition from Japanese work clothes and Patagonia underwear to fashion. Teijin currently produces around 7,000 tons of new-use polyester from old collected polyester clothes and scraps. Via ::TheJapanTimes
See also: Greenwash Watch: Fur Is Green Poster courtesy Marxchivist via flickr

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