Teva's Curbside Collection


It’s a cute name, and a wonder no-one hasn't used it before. The company that grew from a pair of rafter’s sandals over twenty years ago, is now looking after its namesake (Teva being Hebrew for Nature). The Curbside collection, which recently became available, is a line of casual footwear constructed with recycled content materials, up to 40% in certain models, and by some accounts the percentage is set to doubt next year. There is the post-consumer recycled PET canvas lining, the recycled PET sockliner cover and the post-consumer recycled rubber outsole. These materials find themselves in four models of women’s and two men’s casual shoes.

Teva are also involved in the campaign known as the Soles4Souls March, which is engaging local communities to donate a quarter of a million pairs of new and used footwear. Folk in disaster-stricken zones like the Gulf Coast and Third World countries such as Sudan and Honduras will be the beneficiaries. Additionally Teva has previously teamed with DrivingGreen to offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced from it's six vehicle fleet. (Teva is owned by the same parent company that head Simple Shoes, so maybe some of their greenness is rubbing off.) ::Teva, via TrailGear.