Terrasoles: Do they Need More Soul?


Apparently there is a footwear market known as the "casual after sport shoe" and Terrasoles want to redefine this niche. Some of these shoes (men and women styles) are made with bamboo, recycled polyester fleece and recycled microfleece.

The company say that environment is "top of mind" when they consider Terrasoles' components. "We utilize environmentally friendly elements wherever possible. Our packaging and other collaterals are being produced on recycled stocks with soy inks, and we are using high-quality fleece made from recycled materials in some travel and cold weather styles." And concluded with, "We believe that small, environmentally smart steps like these are easy to implement from a business perspective and critical to implement from an environmental perspective."

TreeHugger has been nominated for two Bloggy Awards—Best Topical Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Please vote for us now! (Hint: To find us, scroll toward the bottom of the page.) Thanks!However we also noted elsewhere on their site that their corporate mission is "to be the No. 1 global accessory footwear company!", which might suggest the emphasis is more focused on those aforementioned "small" steps.

Which is fine, to a point. It is great that companies have identified that customers are looking for some degree of environmental credentials in their purchases.

But we're not so sure that environmental credibility is an across-the-board corporate aspiration here. Terrasoles is but one of about a dozen different footwear lines from the company. One of their long term goals is "capitalizing on untapped promotional, seasonal and accessory footwear product opportunities."

We can only hope that rather than filling some niche market, Terrasoles might inject a more holistic approach to the broader issues of fair labour, product functionality, durability, life-cycle impacts into this and all those other product lines ::Terrasoles

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