Terra's Stylish Raincoats Make Biking in the Rain Look Oh So Chic

Terra New York© Terra New York. Terra New York's chic, biking rain gear.

Bike fashion is a hot topic on TreeHugger but we have yet to see it transition so effortlessly from bike to street style as it does with Terra New York's chic raincoats. As seen on Cool Hunting, these fashion forward designer coats are built to brave a rainstorm--and fit a helmet underneath--so you never have to take a car or taxi come inclement weather.

Terra New York© Terra New York

Founded more than two years ago, Terra New York launched with "the ambition to create a line that would allow people to keep walking and biking under the rain while being well protected and stylish together," Marie Saeki, who co-founded the line with Yurika Nakazono, told TreeHugger.

Terra New York© Terra New York

The Lower East Side jacket ($285, Terra New York) fits a helmet underneath, as Cool Hunting points out.

Terra New York© Terra New York

"Living in Stockholm, Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York, I destroyed so many beautiful pieces of clothes, bags and shoes in the rain," Nakazono told Cool Hunting. She continues, below.

Not finding any cool and 100% waterproof raincoats, I started thinking about doing it myself. Living in big cities, I never wanted the look of the British lord of the manor or the girl with the huge red and pink flowery rubber boots. I wanted to be chic, blend in the rain and feel comfortable.

 © Terra New York

The stylish coat will keep you dry come a torrential downpour, but the process for producing one coat is anything but clear cut. All seams are heat sealed, not sewn. The trench coat requires 75 separate molds for each individual seam.

Terra New York© Terra New York

The main material is a polyurethane that is biodegradable in a landfill--not your closet--after ten years, Saeki told TreeHugger. All raincoats also boast technical details that allow the wearer to move freely.

Terra New York© Terra New York

Most notable is Terra's Tribeca trench coat ($295, Terra New York ). It boasts a classic silhouette, with a Betty Draper-esque full skirt, in a modern material and it drives the company's core mission home: you can bike, survive the elements, and look stylish all at the same time.

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