Terra Plana's Most Sustainable Shoes to Date: Barack and Biden

Terra Plana Pop Series shoe image

Image credit: Terra Plana

Since the very beginnings of TreeHugger, we've been crazy about Terra Plana's sustainable shoes. From reusing shoe lasts to creating 99% recycled Worn Again sneakers and bags from reclaimed materials, Terra Plana are known for going a step beyond your usual green footwear company. They're latest effort is, they say, their greenest to date - and they seem to be wearing their political hearts on their,errm, feet with their choice of name.The latest efforts from this London-based design house is the Terra Plana Pop Series, featuring the interestingly named Barack and Biden shoes which use just ten components - the average shoe is comprised of between 50 and 70 - in a completely glueless structure.

The press release states that these are the company's "most sustainable" shoes to date, and that they are constructed with recycled, natural, and biodegradable materials - although details of exactly which parts of the shoe are recycled were not immediately forthcoming on the site. So far there are only men's styles available - but I'm wondering if a women's shoe will not be far behind. (What's the most likely name? Palin or Clinton? You decide...)

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