Terra Plana's Galahad Clark on Recycling Shoes, Partnership with Greenpeace, and Innovative Design in Fall 2009 (Video)

Window display at Terra Plana's new location in New York City at 254 Elizabeth St.

Terra Plana Shoe Recycling and Research with Nike

TH: What can we do with our Terra Plana shoes when they're worn out - can we bring that back to you or recycle them?
GC: Yeah we have Shoe Amnesty -- if you bring an old pair of shoes back to a Terra Plana store we'll take the shoes and give you a discount on a new pair. Probably one of the biggest environmental disasters in the shoe industry is the fact that tons of shoes end up in a landfill every year. Nike is doing a lot of great work; recycling trainers and turning them into playgrounds. We're linking up with them, a University in England, and a couple of other companies in England to explore post-consumer use for shoes, recycling programs, and gasification programs. I think shoe takeback is something that we're going to do throughout a lot of stores -- we do already in the UK -- and we want to really build up that program and encourage a lot of people to not just throw away shoes.

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