1 Reversible Dress Can Be Worn in 10 Flattering Ways

. Two ways to wear Adebimpe Adebambo's 'One Leaf' dress.

We all have that one item of clothing -- the one that fits just right, looks good, and is comfortable to boot. The one we wish we could wear every day without anyone noticing. Nigerian fashion designer Adebimpe Oluwatosin Adebambo understands the feeling.

Her colorful, flattering "One Leaf" dress is completely reversible and can be worn 10 different ways thanks to the belt and two sets of detachable sleeves that come along with it.

Inspired By Nature

The leaf-print fabric, red/purple on one side and green on the other, "was inspired by the different leaves that surround my studio and home" and was produced by a local textile print company, Adebimpe says. Like most of her designs, the dress is made with "environmentally friendly cotton that is fairly traded," she told TreeHugger in an email.

. Nigerian fashion designer Adebimpe Adebambo at work.

The vibrant styles in the designer's Beampeh line have featured at many Nigerian fashion shows, representing a fresh take on traditional fabric patterns.

"Style, Fun, and Identity has been my fashion philosophy since the inception of the Beampeh brand in 2004," Adebimpe told the Lagos-based The Guardian Life Magazine a few years back. "It is a symbol of style, comfort, and the pride of being an African, though I am also influenced by other cultures."

Different Views On The 'Good Life'

The "One Leaf" dress was included in the recent SurVivArt exhibition in Berlin, which looked at how a "good life" is defined in different countries, including Ethiopia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

. Two more ways to wear the 'One Leaf' dress.

As part of the SurVivArt project, Adebimpe has also been working with local culinary students to create fruit- and vegetable-themed designs for reusable shopping bags. The bags will be made out of unbleached fabric and will have sayings on them encouraging healthy lifestyles and the consumption of local fruits and vegetables.

Breathing New Life Into Favorite Clothes

"I have many other sustainable designs in my head and others that I have actually produced," Adebimpe told TreeHugger, adding that she is looking for new ways to promote the "One Leaf" dress and others like it. But she also insists that you don't have to be a professional to breathe new life into favorite clothes that have become a little bit too well-worn.

. The rest of the 'One Leaf' dress variations.

"Have a close look at your wardrobe and closet and think of what you can revamp instead of going to buy new clothes... They can be dyed, embellished with all sorts of interesting finds like buttons, badges, fabric scraps, etc. and used all over again," Adebimpe writes in a blog post for SurVivArt. "Discover the artist, designer, and stylist in you!"

1 Reversible Dress Can Be Worn in 10 Flattering Ways
Nigerian designer Adebimpe Adebambo's 'One Leaf' dress puts a fresh twist on reversible fashions.

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