Taxi Develops Jacket for the Homeless


Many companies are eliminating the usual gift baskets or cards, and doing something for charity instead. The creative types and marketing firms are trying to outdo each other with ideas that both do good and demonstrate how clever they are. (See Ito's goats) While we don't know what level of charity Maimonides would peg this at (they didn't have the internet to publicize their generosity in the 12th century) it is a phenomenon that spreads a lot more cheer a lot wider than a card might. TAXI, a very clever Toronto ad firm has developed a jacket for Canada's cold homeless, of which there are far too many. They are making and distributing 3,000 of them.


David Topping writes in Torontoist : TAXI's executive creative director Steve Mykolyn and designer Lida Baday (pictured), the waterproof, windproof, and plentily-pocketed coat serves as a lightweight jacket during not-too-cold weather, can fold into a backpack during decent weather, and––when you fill the pockets up with newspaper––converts into a super-warm jacket that was tested (in a meat locker, no less!) to be effective up to -29° celsius.

Named 15 Below for the temperature at which the government issues a cold weather alert, and for TAXI's own fifteen-year anniversary, the company's good deed is accordingly a mixture of overt philanthropy and subtle promotion. Paul Lavoie, TAXI's cofounder, chairman, and chief creative officer (phew) encapsulated that attitude perfectly, stating in the company's press release that "[TAXI's] approach to solving problems––of any sort––has always been to question convention"

It has its own website at ::TAXI

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