Sweat and Smell absorbing Fabrics from Coconut Shells


We love our wicking polyester shirts in the gym or on the bike, but they do get rancid really fast. Cocona fibres and fabrics are made with activated carbon from coconut shells from food industry waste. Activated carbon has a huge absorbing area- one gram of it has a surface area the size of two tennis courts. They fuse this into recycled polyester fibres and it dramatically improves wicking and absorbs smells: "Activated carbon adsorbs odors on the surface of the activated carbon in pores. The odors are trapped and can not be detected. In order to detect an odor the molecule needs to be air-born and come into contact with your nose." Top it off with SPF 50 UV protection and this makes a great shirt. According to Cocona's site, it is now used by Cannondale in the L.E. jersey shown above, and in clothing by Marmot, Go Lite and others. ::Cocona found in ::Fast Company