Swapping is the New Shopping

We know that swapping is good for your budget, your hoarding tendencies and best of all for the environment. We have discussed swapping on TreeHugger before, such as swapping digital media, books, and clothing swapping fairs. We can't get over how big swapping clothing is right right now, its a great way to get good quality clothes or unusual and designer clothes while getting rid of your too-small, or bored-to-death-with clothes, and best of all its a great way to green your wardrobe. If you can't get to a swap festival near you like swap-o-rama (see the THTV episode), clothing swap or the my sisters wardrobe clothing swap (on in Melbourne this weekend), or you can't find any friends who are interested, then you could try an online swap shop. There are heaps of online clothing swapping options, we like whats mine is yours, mentioned recently on Style will save us, located in the UK. ::whats mine is yours ::my sisters wardrobe ::swap-o-rama Image: flickr

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