Sustainable Living Fabrics' Leanwool


The US EPA believe that 21% of America’s methane output comes from what they lovingly refer to as ‘livestock enteric fermentation.’ We might call it burping. And ruminants, that is grass eaters like cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, and camels, do a heap of it. So? Well, methane is 10 to 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas, than that commonly discussed bogey, carbon dioxide. So when Sustainable Living Fabrics decided to go green they knew that not only did they have to find wool that was free of nasty toxins, they wanted a low methane version too. To do this they have apparently tracked down some specially breed sheep, which it appears generate about one third the pollution as normal sheep. Hence Leanwool. The company also offer recycled polyester in their upholstery and screen panelling fabrics as well as being carbon neutral (they plant 30,000 trees annually), while also offering a take-back program. ::Sustainable Living Fabrics.

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