Stylish Sunglasses are Made From Old Whiskey Barrels

Shwood, the Portland-based sunglasses company, is big on using sustainably harvested wood to make their frames. But even better is using wood from recycled products- like old whiskey barrels, the source of Shwood's latest line.

Shwood has teamed up with Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Boston boutique Bodega to produce a limited run of 100 pairs of sunglasses (which have already sold out). The barrels, made of aged white oak and as old as 100 years, were shipped to Portland from the Bushmills distillery in Ireland, where they were broken down and transformed into stylish shades.

I have to dock points for the impact of transporting wood from Europe to the West Coast, but at least it was a well used product destined to be reused, and in a really cool way.

Stylish Sunglasses are Made From Old Whiskey Barrels
Shwood Sunglasses has released a line of shades with frames made from Bushmills Whiskey barrels.

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