A suit for your bike commute: Hot or not? (Survey)

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Promo image Parker Dusseau

People don't usually get into special walking suits when they are going for a walk in the city. They don't get in special driving suits for the trip to work in their car. So if you are trying to make cycling as ordinary as driving, the Copenhagen Cycle Chic guy, Michael Colville-Andersen is right: dress for life, not cycling.

Then there is the Commuter Suit from Parker Dusseau. It's made from a mix of merino wool and (gasp) Spandex called Australian 135 Performance Superwool.

The performance qualities of wool are well known: it is naturally anti-microbial (it doesn’t hold odor), it is great at regulating your temperature (cool in the heat, warm in the cold) and it also retains its insulating properties when wet.

When you roll up the sleeve and put up your collar, you reveal reflective strips. After all, the designers say, " After all, who wants to trounce around with glaring reflective tape all over their clothes? Not us." The suit jacket has pit zips for a little extra ventilation.

The pants have roll-up reflective cuffs that keep your pants out of your chain, and if you pull out the back pockets, they act as reflectors on your bum. The whole outfit, at US$ 840, is not unreasonably priced.

reflective shirt and socksParker Dusseau/Promo image

And if that isn't enough reflectivity for you, they also have socks and shirts that you can't miss.

But one can't help but circle back to the question of whether this is feeding that idea that the only people who are serious about bikes are in spandex, even if it is mixed with wool and shaped like a suit. Whether you should have to dress up in reflective clothing to feel safe on a bike. What do you think?

A suit for your bike commute: Hot or not? (Survey)
There are some who say that biking shouldn't need special clothing, but it can make sense.

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