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Now you can put the seats on your feet---the distinctive fabric from the seats of the London Underground ( aka the Tube) have been made into shoes. The fabric was originally designed as part of the original over-all concept, including the iconic map of the tube system. Each line had its own pattern associated with it. Fabrics from each line have been hand selected and restored to their former, sometimes faded, glory.

Above+Below have teamed up with the London Underground and the First Bus system to create shoes out of this salvaged material. They are perfect for those with a taste for industrial chic or are nostalgic about London memorabilia. There is lots of leftover upholstery because the cars are constantly being refurbished and old seats have been reclaimed from the '50's onwards.

metropolitan line recycled fabric for shoe photo

image from Above+Below

The provenance of the shoes is impeccable. They are sweat shop free, made with European labour. The uppers are made of restored London Underground seat covers and the trim is 100% recycled or repurposed leather. The soles are recycled rubber tires.

The fun part is that each Tube line has its own distinctive pattern. So real afficionados can pick their shoes according to their favourite line. The Metropolitan line (pictured) design comes from the mid-1960's. Other lines such as the Bakerloo, District (from 1960's) and Piccadilly line are available as well.

Through a partnership with First Bus, a major bus line throughout the country, their seats are also available on a pair of high tops. They said " We hope to see Yorkshire's streets full of people wearing our bus seat covers on their feet."

To make things even more encouraging, Above+Below London has pledged to donate a tree for each pair of shoes sold, to be planted inside the M25 by charity tree planting partners Trees for Cities. Above+Below Via : The Times
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