Find Curated Secondhand Luxury Fashion at Online Store Style Recovery

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Sifting through sellers on eBay can be a hassle, and when you're prepared to drop more than a few bucks on secondhand handbag, you want to see quality.

That's where comes in. With more than 60,000 members in Europe, the online store is a destination to buy and sell high-end designer fashion, accessories, and footwear from Chanel and Prada to Jimmy Choo and Valentino.

Style Recovery was born out of founder Pauline Truchot's frustration at the amount of high-end designer clothing in her closet that was no longer being worn. Instead of letting them sit and collect dust, she decided to create an online outlet for other people with the same abundant wardrobes to sell their barely-worn wares.

"The aim is to salvage beautiful high-quality items by directly selling to buyers who will bring them back to life," Truchot says, in a press release. She continues, below. is a secure place for the fashion obsessed on a budget to buy and sell the best brands at affordable prices. It is a community of fashion lovers that appreciate and have knowledge of designer products and their value, whether new or used. This way, sellers can sell their products at a reasonable price while still making a profit, and buyers benefit by paying a fraction of the cost of retail prices.

Stylish Alternative to eBay

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The self-proclaimed "stylish alternative to eBay," only sells designer products that are in good condition. And to make good on their word, Style Recovery holds on to your payment until you receive the product and confirm that it is in the condition it was promised.

However, no need to follow marketing lingo on the site that suggests selling your designer items to make room for more. You'll just end up with the same problem: an abundance of clothing you no longer wear.

Instead, invest in classic pieces that you can see yourself wearing season after season, year after year, and could even pass along to a family member or even your children. This idea of less is more and quality over quantity is something that TreeHugger founder Graham Hill explores, as it related to design, over at LifeEdited and I, as it related to fashion and style, on Past Fashion Future.

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Find Curated Secondhand Luxury Fashion at Online Store Style Recovery
With more than 60,000 members in Europe, Style Recovery is an online shopping destination for secondhand luxury fashion.

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